Being Prepared For A Rollover Accident
Overturned car lies on the roof after accident

Being Prepared For A Rollover Accident

Approximately 6 million car accidents happen every year in the United States, and while most don’t result in serious injury, there are certain classifications accidents nearly always cause injury or death. So called “roll over” accidents, where the car rolls on it’s axis past 90 degrees or more, are considered some of the most deadly, but there are ways to limit the damage.

So with safety in mind, we will talk about immediate step to take before, during, and after a rollover accident to prevent injury.

Get Ready

Sometimes, you’d be able to tell when your car is about to rollover or you could also feel that there is a chance for your car to rollover. When you do, it is best to get yourself ready. The first thing you should do is to remove your feet from the pedals. This will help prevent your ankles from breaking. You should also let go of the steering wheel and place your arms crossed, over your chest. Avoid leaning forward when the car rolls over.

Calm Down

The rollover over experience can be overwhelming. However, you have to do your best and calm down when the rollover is done. Begin to steady your body by pressing your feet against the floor. You should also check for injuries.

Sometimes, you may not be able to easily notice a severe injury because of the traumatic experience. It is best to use your hands to run across from your head to your body and check. If you or anyone is injured, don’t move them but call 911.

Turn Off The Engine

After assessing for injuries, the next thing to do is to turn off the engine. Afterward, you have immediately plan how to exit your vehicle. Look at the doors and check for a way to get out.

Get Out Of The Car

If you are not badly injured but are still upside down, reach for the ceiling and carefully brace yourself before removing your seatbelt. Sometimes, the door could still be opened even after the rollover accident. If it can still be opened, use it to exit the vehicle.

If your door is badly sharpened, you may not be able to open it. Use a window instead. You can either roll it down or break it to get out. Once you’ve gotten out of the vehicle, help the other people in the car to get out too. Afterward, get as far away from the vehicle as you can.

Stay Away From Traffic

Once you’ve gotten out of your car, you have to go far away from your car. However, make sure you are aware of traffic as well. Don’t walk in the middle of the road because some might not easily see you. If you’ve already called for help, simply stay on the shoulder and wait. If not, then call for emergency help. You should also call for a towing service to move your car.

Types Of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents come in two types. The first one is the tripped rollover. With this one, the car could tires could leave the road and get into the soil or side of the road. This is where it can meet with an object like a fence or guardrail that causes it to rollover. Most of the rollover accidents are tripped

The other kind is the untripped rollover. This usually occurs when the car is moving at high speeds and tries to avoid colliding into something so it maneuvers the car. Instead, it rollovers. This is usually observed in cars that are top-heavy.

With any kind of rollover accident, you should be prepared to know what to do. The tips above can help you get yourself into safety after having a rollover accident. It is best to know what to do than just be confused and shock inside the car.

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