Get To Know The Types Of Spare Tires
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Get To Know The Types Of Spare Tires

Having a flat tire is very inconvenient. What’s more inconvenient is not having a spare to change it when you need to. In that case, you’d have to call for help to bring you a spare tire.

Knowing how to change your tire is a skill that drivers should know but that would be useless if you can’t put it into practice. So make sure that you have a spare tire in your car at all times. But did you know that not all spare tires are the same?

Types Of Spare Tires

Not all cars have a spare tire on them. There are some manufacturers who didn’t include a spare tire on their vehicles to save on cost and to improve gas mileage. However, for many drivers, carrying a spare still trumps the savings on gas mileage.

Whether you are buying a spare tire for your vehicle or replacing your car’s already worn-out spare tire, it is important to note that there are different types. The different types have their own pros and cons and will be discussed further below.

Full-Sized Matching Tire

This type of spare tire is a tire that matches your other 4 tires exactly. It is the 5th wheel and if you decide to use it as a spare tire, it should also be included when you are rotating your car tires.

The main pro of this is that it’s as durable as your other tires. If you use this, then you can continue driving your vehicle as usual and don’t head straight to the repair shop. However, you must remember to have your flat tire mended so you can use it as another spare tire or have it replaced. Additionally, this tire will also match the appearance of all your other tires.

The only downside to this type is that you need to make sure you have space for it. As we’ve said, it should be included in the tire rotation of your other tires. That also means that when you need to replace all of your tires, you’d also have to replace your 5th spare tire as well.

Full-Size Non-Matching Tire

This type of spare tire is a full-sized one but it doesn’t match your current set. It may be of a different size as compared to your ground tires and you will see this as you use it. This type of spare tire is not included when you rotate your tires.

The biggest pro of this tire is still flexibility as you may not need to drive straight to the shop once you use it to replace the flat one. However, the downside is that it would also take as much space as the full-size matching one. It will also look different as compared to the other four.

Full-Size Temporary Tire

This tire comes in full size but is of lower quality than your ground tires. It is made of lightweight materials and the depth of the tread is a bit more shallow. This should only be used as a spare because it is likely to be worn out easily when used in rotation.

The greatest benefit of this spare tire is the lighter weight. However, this also comes in full size so it takes as much space as the other full-sized spare tires.

Compact Temporary Tire

The greatest difference between this tire from the others is its size. It is smaller in dimensions and would be inflated at a higher pressure than other tires. The tire depth is also shallower.

This is usually specified by and approved by the manufacturer for your vehicle. It also takes less space than the full-sized ones. A drawback to this tire is its ability to impair various vehicle features like traction control, ABS and speedometer operation due to its size and inflation pressure. You also need to bring your vehicle to the repair shop immediately when it is used.

Folding Temporary Tire

This is the last type of spare tire and is an inflatable or collapsible one. This is very space-saving and it weighs very light. However, the drawback to this is its difficulty of use. You should have an air pump or a canister to use first. Also, if you use it, you should head straight to the shop.

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