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Signs Your Running Out Of Fuel

We’ve all had that very busy day that we sometimes forget things we regularly do. One of them could be to refuel your car. If you are running late and need to be in the office, you could pass the chance on refueling in the morning. You might say you can do that on your way home, but that can be too late.

On your way home, you find yourself stuck on the road or even on the highway. All of a sudden, you find yourself stuck on the road somewhere because you run out of fuel. Getting stalled on the highway is not only an inconvenience for yourself but also an inconvenience for other motorists. Plus, with fast cars passing, your safety is also at stake.

Get To Safety

When you find your car out of fuel, the best thing to do is to get to safety. Pull your car to the side of the road before it completely stops.  You should also take note of exactly where you are. Most phones already have a built-in GPS system and that could help pinpoint your location.

Afterwhich, you can call for help. It is up to you to decide who to call for help. You can try calling family members, friends, your car insurance provider or a roadside assistance provider. They can all help you by delivering fuel to where you are.

The one thing that you shouldn’t attempt to do is to flag down and hitchhike to the nearest gas station or walk there. Sure, it seems to be the most logical thing to do because you need fuel but the highway could be dangerous. Cars are very unlikely to stop and let you in.

Signs Your Car Is Running Out Of Fuel

You might think that getting your car to the side of the road is not possible when you’ve run out of fuel. However, the car doesn’t immediately stop when you’re running on low fuel. There will be several warning signs that you can observe. Apart from your fuel gauge and a low fuel warning light, the signs below will help you prepare and be able to pull over to the side of the road for your safety and the safety of others as well.

Loss Of Power

You may feel like your vehicle doesn’t accelerate even if you press on the gas pedal. If you are going uphill, it would be more noticeable as you would see that your car is having a hard time going up. Even if you press on the gas pedal, if there isn’t enough gas available, your vehicle will fail to accelerate.

Sputtering Engine

We’ve all seen this in movies and it does happen. When you’re running out of fuel, you can hear sounds that resemble your engine hiccupping or burping. These sounds are caused by having too much air because there isn’t enough fuel that is going to your cylinder.

Jerking Sensation

When this happens, it may seem that your car stops then thrusts forward once again. When you are almost out of fuel, the engine receives an inconsistent supply until there is none left. That is why it could feel that the car is running and stopping momentarily.

Loud Pop

A loud popping sound can also be heard from the tailpipe. This is mostly observed with older vehicles. Although the car has completely run out of fuel, there is still momentum and you can still use that to move your vehicle towards the side of the road.

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