Here’s Why You Still Need Towing Assistance for Electric Cars
2 Electric Cars At Charging Station

Here’s Why You Still Need Towing Assistance for Electric Cars

For decades, manufacturers have been trying to bridge the gap from combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. The exhaust fumes emitted by regular cars have affected the Ozone layer over the years with scientists always warning about global warming. Today, manufacturers have been able to release newer models of electric cars that come with an array of benefits and features that range from reduced exhaust emissions to low maintenance and running costs.

Over the years electric vehicles have been making a stronger case that they are a worthwhile investment, while at the same time have assisted in taking a massive step towards building a sustainable future.

However, like any other vehicle, electric cars may also require some roadside assistance. Here’s why:

Running Out Of Battery Charge

This is the number one reason for electric cars needing towing assistance. The battery life of EVs has immensely improved over the years with more lasting solutions, but it still provides a limited charge. Most drivers don’t keep an eye on the charge level, which results in them running out while on the road.

Also, there aren’t that many public charging spots hence many drivers will struggle to recharge their cars whenever they are in transit.

This problem has a simple fix, but you will still need towing assistance to get off the road. Running out of battery charge for an EV is essentially the same as running out of gas for a combustion engine car.

Brake Failure

Due to how much this component is in operation, it is bound to wear and tear over time and eventually breakdown, much like any other car.

Though using a regenerative braking system, EVs still experience wear and tear all the same with their pads and rotors needing replacement.

Tire Issues

Electric Vehicles use tires like any other car and tire problems experienced are common.

The treads in an EV wear out much quicker as compared to a combustion engine vehicle because they weigh more with the battery system alone, contributing to much of the weight. This weight exerts more pressure on the tires, increasing the rate of tread wear.

The car can also experience a puncture while on the road necessitating one to require assistance. So you should consider investing in quality durable tires that can withstand the weight of your car.

Dead Battery

This is different from a dying battery of a combustion engine vehicle. The electric battery is the heart of the EV providing it with all its power. It is the entire foundation of electric cars as they eliminate the need for a combustion engine with its functionality.

The battery uses lithium-ion technology which is capable of powering the whole vehicle for a considerable amount of time, but like any other battery, they are susceptible to degradation. However, new electric cars have better long lasting batteries as compared to older models but will still need replacement at some stage of its lifespan.

A dead battery will result in an immediate halt of the vehicle requiring you to seek out towing assistance.

…As you can see, electric cars aren’t problem free, which is more reason for you to be vigilant in its maintenance and inspection to reduce the likeliness of being stranded on the road.

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