How We Prepare Your Motorcycle For Transport
Towing A Motorcycle On Custom Transportation Rack

How We Prepare Your Motorcycle For Transport

As much as we would all love to ride our motorcycles to transport it, that is not possible at all times. If you are moving, you just can’t ride your motorcycle because there are so many things to do. You have to pack everything then have them moved. You may also have a car that you could drive. The only thing left to do is to have your motorcycle transported so it can safely be relocated without damaging it.

Motorcycle Transport Options

There are different ways on how you can transport your motorcycle. Each of the options has its own benefits and risks. Choosing them will highly depend on your current situation and why you want to transport your motorcycle.

Option 1: Ride The Motorcycle

Whether you need the motorcycle to be transported far away or just nearby your current location, you can certainly ride it to its destination. However, doing that would mean that you won’t be able to take lots of items for your move. Also, you have to consider the weather conditions and the cost of fuel when transporting your motorcycle through this method. You also have to consider your schedule. If you can take the time to ride it, then this would be a great way to transport your motorcycle.

Option 2: Use A Truck And Trailer

Towing your motorcycle on your own is also possible if you use a truck and a motorcycle trailer. Some motorcycle owners have this but if you don’t you can rent out some. Rental fees will also cost you and you have to drive the truck and load the motorcycle yourself. If you haven’t done this, it is possible that you don’t know how to secure the motorcycle in place. This can damage various parts of your motorcycle. It is best to consider this option when you already have the requirements and when you are confident enough to secure your motorcycle in place.

Option 3: Hire A Reliable Towing Company

Many towing companies are also capable of transporting motorcycles. By hiring someone, you’d leave all the work to them. Choose the professionals who have experience in motorcycle transport so you can better make sure that your motorcycle won’t get damaged in the process.

Another great thing about hiring a transport company is its capability to transport more than one motorcycle at a time. If you have your own truck and trailer, it is also possible to transport a couple of motorcycles at a time. However, the towing companies have larger tow trucks and trailers that can accommodate even dozens of motorcycles. This is perfect for people who are moving and taking their motorcycle collection along with them.

Preparing Your Motorcycle For Transport

Just like transporting cars, you also need to prepare your motorcycle for transport. Whether you are preparing for a long-distance towing or a short distance only, the steps below are necessary to make sure the motorcycles are safely and smoothly transported. Once you’ve booked transport services for your motorcycle, you should now focus on preparing them. Here are the things you should do.

Clean The Motorcycle

Whenever you ride your motorcycle and expose it outdoors, there is a very huge chance that it will get dirty. It will have dust, dirt, and grime. With a clean motorcycle, it would be easier for you to identify if there are any scratches, dents, or paint chips. This is very important to do so that in case any damage occurs during transport, you can catch it immediately.

Inspect Your Motorcycle

Before you have the motorcycle transported, it is best to take note of its condition. Make a thorough inspection of the motorcycle and document your findings. Both mechanical and cosmetic issues should be noted and pictures should also be taken for documentation.

Secure Loose Parts

Any loose parts in the motorcycle should be secured or removed. Examples of such items are the saddlebags. Loose parts may damage the motorcycle while in transport or they may be removed accidentally while in transport.

Inflate The Tires

Make sure that you inflate the tires properly to the right tire pressure before having them transported. This will not only ensure that you can immediately ride them after the transport but it would also be helpful in securing them in place.

Keep Personal Items

Similar to cars being towed, motorcycles that are transported should also be free of any personal items. Check that there are no personal belongings left under the seat. Also, if your bike has some tricks or tips to make them work, you can write the instructions down and give it to your transport specialist.

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