Choosing Tow Trucks For Vehicle Recovery
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Choosing Tow Trucks For Vehicle Recovery

It takes a lot to make a great towing company but at the very least, the tow service should have the right tow truck to match the clients need.

No matter what the situation is, a solid tow truck service should be prepared for all sorts of emergencies. That’s the reason why careful selection of tow trucks is very important.

Towing companies should have reliable tow trucks that are capable of performing even in tough situations of vehicle recovery. The vehicle that needs the service may be stuck in various ways and the tow truck should be properly equipped and fully capable to handle the situation.

To ensure that, most towing companies have a variety of tow trucks available for various circumstances.

Huge Variety Of Tow Trucks

Even if tow trucks look similar to each other, you’d be surprised to know that there’s a wide range of options to choose from. The final choice will all depend on the designated function of the truck. Towing companies have to look closely into the details of each of the tow trucks they buy. Such details would include suspension, dimensions, body type, driving options, gears, and many others.

The main job of the tow truck is to push, pull, or carry a vehicle. When the vehicle is for recovery, there may also be the need to lift the vehicle. How easy the tow truck can maneuver the vehicle to be recovered will depend on a variety of factors such as the terrain it is in or the position of the vehicle.

Tow Truck Power And Weight

One of the things to carefully check when choosing a tow truck or vehicle recovery is its overall power and weight. These two things usually affect the capacity of the tow truck to recover the vehicle. For a tow truck to successfully recover a vehicle, it has to be heavier and more powerful than it.

With a heavier tow truck, it is less likely to topple or change its position when trying to retrieve a vehicle. Alongside its’ weight, it should also have enough power to actually move the vehicle into the correct position and location on the road so that it can be towed.

Push And Pull Capacity

The tow truck’s torque, engine power, as well as the push and pull capacity are all varied for different tow trucks. If a tow truck is used to retrieve a vehicle that is beyond its capacity, there is a great risk for the tow truck’s engine to be damaged. There is also a huge chance that the vehicle won’t be retrieved. A towing company must know the tow truck’s push and pull capacity in order to select it as appropriate equipment for the vehicle recovery service.

Traction And Terrain Factors

The terrain can either make the recovery easy or very difficult. Slippery mud and a snow-covered landscape are both difficult terrains but are also different from each other, which is why they may require different additional tools to help improve the traction of the tow truck.

No matter what terrain it is, a tow truck has to have great traction in order to safely and securely recover the vehicle.  Here, the tires and the truck’s grip on the road are considered primarily then the power and the weight of the truck come next.

Final Words

Offroad recovery is a challenging task and would require the right kind of tow truck for the job. Above are some of the things that should be considered first before selecting the kind of tow truck to use. Apart from it, the success of the vehicle recovery also lies in the ability of the tow truck driver to think of a way to use their equipment to successfully get the vehicle unstuck.

The brute force of simply pulling on the vehicle may not always be the answer. Carefully looking at the vehicle and considering how it is stuck or in its current position should help tow truck drivers figure out a way to successfully recover the vehicle.

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