Preventing Roadside Assistance During Your Road Trip
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Preventing Roadside Assistance During Your Road Trip

A road trip with friends or family is a fun-filled experience until you run into car trouble and become in need of roadside assistance. Imagine when you need roadside assistance and you’re somewhere between your home and your destination, it can be confusing who you would call.

Avoid getting into that kind of problem by preventing your car from breaking down in the first place. Here are a few road trip tips to help you prevent the need for roadside assistance:

Check Your Spare Tire

Whether it is a long trip or a short one, it is always best to bring your spare tire. Before your trip, don’t forget to check your spare tire. Sometimes, it can also lose the pressure due to prolonged storage. Make sure that your spare tire is still of great quality.

Change Your Car’s Oil

Depending on how long your trip is and the schedule of your oil change, you might want to have your oil change before the trip. For those who will have their oil change schedule fall during their road trip, it is best to have it before rather than after. Newly changed oil keeps your engine efficient but you don’t have to do it every time you go for a road trip. It will also depend on your schedule.

Check The Other Car Fluids

The car’s oil and fuel are two of the most checked fluids. However, your car has other fluids that you should also check before your road trip to ensure that your car doesn’t break down. Make sure to top off your coolant, brake fluid, and even your windscreen wash. In that way, your car will run more efficiently.

Check The Tire Pressure

We all know that you have to check your tire before your trip. This is a very common tip but some people still forget about it. You can check the air pressure of your car at home or at a gas station. Many gas stations also have an air hose and gauge available so you can fill up the tires if you need to. Make sure they are of optimal pressure. If you are unsure about the numbers, check your manual.

Check The Tire Treads

While checking your tires, you should also take a closer look at the tire treads. Make sure that they can last throughout the trip. They shouldn’t be worn out because they are more prone to tire blow out especially during long trips.

Check Your Lights

Your headlights, brake lights, and signal lights should all be working. They help you better see the road. Additionally, they also make you look more visible and could serve as a warning sign for other drivers. Make sure that the lights are working. It would also be better if you could bring a few spare bulbs just in case.

Wear Your Seatbelt At All Times

It can be annoying to be strapped in your seatbelt for a long trip but they are meant for your safety. It is best to wear them even if they seem uncomfortable. You will never know when accidents can happen. Even if you drive carefully, you wouldn’t be sure about other people’s driving styles.

Always Refuel

When going for a long trip, take a look at your route in advance and locate the gas stations. Take note of the areas where there is a long distance between gas stations and make sure you fill up before you go. The last thing you’d want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because you run out of gas.

Keep A Spare Key

Another common reason why people call for roadside service is that they got locked out of their vehicle. Avoid having this kind of trouble by keeping a spare car key on your body. In that way, even if you leave your wallet, bag, or purse inside the car, you don’t risk locking yourself out of your vehicle.

Bring Emergency Equipment

Even if you don’t wish to have your car break down in the middle of the road, it is always best to prepare for the worse. In that case, you should bring emergency equipment. Flashlights, a phone, spare tire, emergency tools, a warning triangle, and many others should be kept in your car.

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