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Proper Invoice Documentation When Using A Wrecker Service

The cost of wrecker service may vary from one company to another, and are usually reimbursed from your insurance provider.

As with anything involving insurance, the process requires a fair amount of documentation – some of which you’ll need to provide.

While the documentation will vary, the wrecker service invoice will always be on the list.   Unfortunately they don’t just accept any invoice – in their view the invoice should be “complete”.  What does “complete” mean.  Read on…

Details Of The Towing Service

One of the first things to look for is the date and time that the wrecker service is requested. Additionally, the name of the company or person who requested the service would also be indicated. Other pertinent details such as the location of the vehicle plus where it was towed to should also all be indicated.

Towed Vehicle Information

The detailed information about your vehicle or the vehicle that was towed should also be indicated in the invoice. The tow truck driver should take note of these details even before towing the vehicle away. Information such as the car’s make and model, color, year, plate number car ID number, and state where it is registered should all be noted.

Reason For Towing

There are many reasons why a car would be towed. It could be due to an accident, a flat tire, improper parking, or a mechanical problem with the vehicle. Nevertheless, this should be clearly indicated and is a very important detail for the insurance claim to be approved.

Tow Truck And Tow Truck Driver Details

The details of the tow truck used to tow your car plus the driver of the tow truck should also be included in the invoice. Information such as the plate number of the tow truck should be indicated. It is also good if the type of tow truck used is listed. Additionally, the name of the driver plus the license number should also be listed.

Itemized Breakdown Of The Wrecker Service

The invoice should not just include the total chargers for the wrecker service. It should also contain an itemized list of the different charges. This will better show you what you are paying for. It also helps you determine whether the towing company is overcharging you or not.

Charges Of The Storage Facility

In case the car was towed to the storage facility of the towing company or any other storage facility, the rate should also be clearly indicated in the invoice. Furthermore, the number of hours or days the vehicle was stored and the name and identification of whoever claimed the vehicle should also be listed.

Final Words

With an invoice that has complete and detailed information, it is more likely for you to process the insurance claim.

Insurance companies are strict and would require proper documentation. Knowing what to look for in your invoice would prevent you from the hassle of having to return to the towing company just to complete the needed information.

Just like any mechanical device – cars get old.  The good thing is that you can some cold hard cash through a reputable wrecker service once it reaches the end of the road…

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