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Why Low Profile Vehicles And A Towing Dolly Are Incompatible

Many high-performance sports cars as well as collectible vehicles have sport a low-profile suspension.

Often associated with a stiffer, lowered suspension and larger tires and rims, this modification can give the vehicle a sportier look and can positively affect the performance during braking and cornering.

Just like any vehicle, these cars and truck sometimes need a tow truck, but transporting them isn’t as simple as towing any other vehicle.  They require a little more care and a bit more experience from the towing professionals to make sure their properly moved without damage..

Flatbed Tow Truck For Low Profile Cars

This is why some towing companies have a flatbed tow truck for this specific towing service. Flatbeds are great because they have a tilt and slide mechanism that makes loading easier and safer for the vehicle. Although there are other types of tow trucks like the towing dolly, it is not ideal for use because there is a large risk of harming the vehicle.

Risks Involved In Towing Low Profile Cars With A Towing Dolly

It’s not entirely true that using a towing dolly will instantly damage the car. However, there is a bigger risk of damaging the vehicle when a dolly is used instead of a flatbed. Using a dolly involves several challenges and making even a small mistake can cause costly damages to the vehicle. Here are a few challenges and risks that could be faced when you tow a low profile car with a towing dolly.


The first and most obvious challenge when using a dolly with a low profile vehicle is clearance issues. Low profile vehicles are designed to be very close to the ground and tow dollies have a limited angle of approach. There is a risk of damaging the front fascia. Although there is a way to safely load the low-profile vehicle in a dolly, you need to use a few additional materials, like lumber pieces underneath the ramp, to make it work.


Another challenge is attaching the low profile vehicle to the dolly. You have to make sure that it is properly attached. Also, depending on whether your car is a rear-wheel or a front-wheel drive, there may be a need to take extra steps of removing the drive shafts. If this is not done, the car’s transmission is likely to get damaged.

Dragged Vehicle

Dollies are meant to carry two wheels of the vehicle then drag the vehicle with the two other wheels on the road. The problem here is that the tires aren’t the only ones being dragged on the road. Due to the low suspension, it is highly probable that the bumpers and other components that are close to the ground are also being dragged.

Limited Maneuverability

Lastly, it can be difficult to maneuver a dolly especially if you are backing it up. That means that it can be very challenging to properly position the tow truck to unload the vehicle. You wouldn’t have this kind of problem if a flatbed tow truck is used.

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